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Romans Recap: Sanctification


In our last post, we talked about the human problem of sin and the divine solution of salvation.

check that post out here

Romans chapters 6-8 transitions to our 3rd theme: 


This is simply the process…yes the process…of becoming more like Jesus and being put to our intended use. As we take the next steps in our faith, we can LIVE, and be made alive in Christ!

We’re all slaves to a master, chapter 6 tells us, but we can either choose sin or righteousness to be our master!

We can overcome patterns of willful sin because we’re not destined to stay the same and fight the same battles over & over again! Paul shoots pretty straight when he says that as humans we “do what we don’t want to do, and don’t always do what we want to do.”

This makes me feel much better! Even our apostle Paul identifies with #thestruggle!

Instead of being condemned by our imperfection, chapter 8 explains that we are convicted by the Holy Spirit as we become more like Christ. This is a huge distinction, because “condemnation drives us away from the presence of God, but conviction guides us home.”

What a difference!

The enemy – our own minds, forms of religion, and other sources – will try to condemn us and beat us up about what we are doing wrong. But the conviction of the spirit leads us right back into His arms!

Chapter 8 reminds us our sonship and daughterhood – in ALL things He is working for our good, and that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.  These are probably among the most quoted verses in the Bible.

Fight the urge to skim over this part and allow these words to encourage you today!

Later, in chapters 9-11 we see Paul’s great love for his own people and his desire for them to be saved. He speaks of “engrafted branches.” That is us! We’ve been brought into the family of God. And get this – even those who have cut themselves off through unbelief can be brought back in.

God’s sovereignty rules and he is calling people to his heart. Chapter 9 puts it so well,  “all things are from Him, through Him, and for Him”. Now that’s beautiful. 

The Challenge

Identify the sources and voices of condemnation in our lives and respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit!

This is life-changing stuff when you recognize and obey the voice of the Spirit, and stop giving space in your head and your heart to other sources that drive you away from your Father.

He is a good, good father after all.


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