3 Reasons to Come to Under the Tree! - International Church of Barcelona
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3 Reasons to Come to Under the Tree!

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At ICB we love our midweek gatherings.

This summer our Community Groups are taking a little break…but don’t you worry! We are continuing out at Les Planes for Under the Tree every Wednesday evening.

Under the Tree has started off strong and is a wonderful midweek experience. Whether you want to briefly escape the city life, take a break to worship, or catch up with friends during the week, I would encourage you to come and join us!  Here are three quick reasons why:

1. A Summer Escape

“Les Planes is always greener…” (If you have not seen the music video by your amazing ICB Team, watch at the bottom of this post….it’s funny). Summer is hot in Barcelona, but we are so blessed to have a space like Les Planes to escape! The venue is a beautiful setting with comfortable weather that makes relaxing super easy. The sun sets to the west over the beautiful green hills of Les Planes (trust me you’ll want to get pictures). It’s seriously awe-inspiring, especially while we are worshiping our God together. 

Which leads me to #2….

2. Worship and the Word

Each week we spend some time worshiping together. Then we hear a short, practical word from different members of our community and staff. Through connecting with people you may not see much on Sundays or during the week, you’ll have the opportunity to pray with friends and encourage one another. Under the Tree is an opportunity for our community to continue to grow and be challenged to live out the Gospel together. How’s that to break up the routine of the work week?

Sounds awesome…

3. Genuine Community

Last week at Under the Tree I met a girl who said she had been feeling so alone and isolated since she arrived in Barcelona. She found ICB and was so very grateful for a community to make friends and share her faith with others like her. I remember feeling the same way when I first moved overseas. I was so happy to find people to connect with and help me with the simple things about life in a new place…I was looking for a place to belong. 

In her book Living Into Community, Cristine Pohl says that community is a place to “tap into deep human longings to belong, find a place to share one’s gifts and be valued… Hospitable communities recognize that they are incomplete without other folks, but also that they have a ‘treasure’ to share with them.”

ICB is a wonderful community where people can find a place to belong. Under the Tree provides the opportunity for us to meet together in a smaller setting with more time to talk and share with each other. Most importantly, together we experience the community of a church and a group of people who are like-minded – those who desire to feel at home and belong somewhere.

See you there!

Being Christ-centered and relationally connected are core values at ICB. Come share with us at Under the Tree as we enjoy the beautiful scenery, are refreshed in worship, find a place to feel at home with one another, and become more like Christ.

Bring a friend, and I’ll see you all there (directions)!